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a former death row inmate kills his mother. now the family member of a woman he killed decades ago is speaking out. a man is dead after a firey crash on bay area freeway. crews are searching for a missing snowboarder at heavenly at noon.
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complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> everyone that was involved in this whole thing he said he is going to do it again. you know he should never be out. >> a former death row inmate who previously killed two women in the 1960s has now killed his own mother.
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good afternoon, i am john in for tory. we began with a call that began with a phone call. it wrapped up. paul joins us live. >> reporter: good afternoon, like you said it wrapped up then. two hours ago we spoke with family members of the women murdered in the 60s, she said she learned about it on our morning newscast. the family still have some of the original articles about him after he killed them. one unnamed family member asked we conceal her family identity because after he was released he contacted her. >> he called in the middle of the night and he started doing the singing song thing about don't worry about me, i am just passing through. >> he was sentenced to death in 1966 after he was convicted
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of them. he was also convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting others, for some reason he was given him. police say he called 911 and he admitted he killed his mother. >> those officers spoke with him and later found his mother was deceased on that property. >> such a hideous thing but it didn't shock me. i mean everyone that was involved in this whole thing said he is going to do it again. >> police would not release any information on how or why he killed his mother and even though he is behind bars the family who lost her decades ago still fear him. >> i worry about our system letting him out again, i do, but i have a gun and i know how to use it. >> stanworth is in the jail facing one count of murder. according to the police department he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow or monday.
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paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> some cold temperatures have settled into the bay area. cold enough to bring a little bit of snow to bay area peaks. here is a live look at mount hamilton where you can see a dusting of snow. it is not enough to close the road that leads to the simm summit, how much, mark tamayo is here with more. >> temperatures have been dropping, snow levels 1500, 2000 feet, so a dusting of snow and winter weather advisory across parts of the region. the maps, we show you this on live storm tracker 2. we will get to the radar in a little bit. this purple shade represents a winter weather advisory still in place to the santa cruz mountains until 1:00 this afternoon. so that could be effecting the pass areas although the bulk of the activity has moved out to the south of the region. here is the radar loop over the past few hours. you will see spotty showers out there but cold enough as we mentioned to produce a dusting of snow on the bay area hills
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boost 1500 to 2 2000 feet. right now on radar not much but spotty showers. the big weather story is the colder temperatures, 40s and 50s, get ready for a cold night coming up. more on a freeze warning prepped for a few parts of the bay area. >> authorities in nevada are looking for a snowboarder who disappeared yesterday at heavenly ski resort. the undersheriff of doug last county, nevada, says corey hoffman became separated from his brother while snowboarding and did not show up at the end of the day. he is from east of south lake tahoe. overnight snow, wind and avalanche danger hampered the search. they plan too plan to bring in more people as well as a air plane and helicopter to search. a shooting there has left one student injured. these are the first pictures from the scene. it happened at 9:00 there. 120 miles north of los angeles.
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sheriff's officials stay one student shot a fellow student with a shotgun. the suspected shooter is in custody and the injured student is being treated at the hospital. no word yet on his condition. governor jerry browne announced today california's fiscal outlook is much brighter and the days of double digit deficits are behind us. he introduced his budget for that year, that was that much more than that. he says the state's multibillion dollar deficit has been wiped out and proposed what he admits is a plan to divert more money to the poorest schools in the state. >> growing up in compton or richmond is not like it is to grow up in los gatos or beverly hills or piedmont, the families have far more money, far more access to the better things in life. >> browne cautioned the state will need to 11 within its
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means and democratic law makers should not go on a spending spree. police are hoping a video will help solve a three-month- old murder. the trial has gone cold in the killing of allia cruz. they hope someone will recognize this man in this video, seen walking with cruz to her apartment on eddie street in the tenderloin. less than an hour later he came out and ran away. cruz was found stabbed to death in her apartment. the family of her will have to continue their wait. tests show a bone fragment found in a well did for the come to garrett. it is linked to two mass murderers and the fragment belonged to a 19-year-old victim. she was kidnapped there when she was 19, her mother says she start must start from scratch
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again. the homicide victim have been identified. they found his body there. neighbors said they heard that. he died at the scene, no one has been arrested. there are three people on the short list to become the next police chief. they held meetings yesterday. they are the former santa clara police chief kevin kyle, tom lawrence and aurora, colorado, chief, dan oats,. >> we want to keep the gap between the retirement of chris moore and the next chief as small as possible. >> the city council must approve that new chief. current chief chris moore retires a week from tomorrow. sausalito police seized 167 pounds of marijuana after receiving a tip it was in a storage container. take a look, officers arrested nicolas papas as he was opening it and found pot and found more behind a false wall inside that container, he said he been
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growing it and transporting it there. police say papas also appeared to behavioring insaid that container, which had electricity, a bed and cable tv. new developments now, a cayman suspected of being used by a man to guard marijuana has died. the 5 foot long alligator cousin named mr. teeth was taken to the sure zoo after they found it guarding pot there. >> he said it actedded as a deterrent because as soon as you get near the tank the alligator moves around and it gets irritated. >> he is expected to be in court in a few hours facing those charges. police hope to renew night stolen bikes and bike parts with their owners. the agency said they found them at the home of marquis moore. he was arrested when the tried
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to sell a stolen bike back to its owner. he is a convicted felon and faces multiple possessions including that. pictures of the bikes, parts and how to re-claim them is posted there. there is a plan to do that. the kremlin said the deal is valid until then. it is good for an entire year until one of the countries terminates. the russian president signed the law last month and ended the deal on january 1st. >> in solano county a deadly truck crash where a truck falls off the freeway, find out why chp needs your help to figure out what happened. >> temperatures are expected to get even colder. meteorologist mark tamayo will be here to tell you what you can expect and your weekend forecast is always in view. police are looking for a man who exposed himself to a woman in a parking lot. where it happened. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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smoke. he said the thought it was frost but noticed sparks as well, he jumped out moments before it burst into flames, he was shaken but okay. a driver is dead after his truck crashed there. sal castaneda joins us live from the scene where there is still a hazardous mess to clean up, sal. >> reporter: john, this is where the truck ended up here, flipped over the freeway here after getting into some sort of collision with a pickup truck. this all happened about 6:40 this morning on westbound 37 right near sonoma boulevard, highway 29. now, this video was taken by a witness right after it happened. after the truck landed here it burst into flames and there was more -- there were more explosions as the contents of the trailer bust into fire. the driver was pulled out and taken to the hospital where he died. chp says the driver of the pickup truck was not seriously hurt and refused treatment at the scene. the freeway and sonoma boulevard were closed because of the smoke. one woman says she felt the
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explosion from her house 5 blocks away. >> heard a big explosion. it rattled our metal door in the front of our house, which is in the opposite direction of this explosion, rattled it very badly. my husband said are you at the door. i said no. aren't you. and he said no, and we took off thinking someone was trying to break into the house or that there was an explosion. >> hazardous materials were on hand or teams were on hand to determine if the contents posed a risk to those nearby. news chopper 2 showed us the skidmarks until the truck tipped over. you see the white pickup truck. they told us this type of crash is unusual. >> it is not typical at all. freeways are designed to keep vehicles inside or on the freeway, especially on an overcross, cal trans does a good job of containing them if they crash any situation like
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that. >> reporter: so the passersby that did help, ktvu has reached out them and contacted them and hearing from them later in the newscast. showing you now a live picture of what is left of the truck here. they have just re-opened northbound sonoma boulevard, they will get that out of here. still excellent of clean up to do, fish and game people are here as well to make sure none of the debris leaks into the waterways. live in vallejo, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the national transportation safety board is leading the investigation into monday's oil tanker crash into the bay bridge. the agency plans to check if radar equipment was working properly when the empty oil tanker hit the bridge tower in limited visibility. a coast guard bulletin indicates there may have been trouble with the be cons beacons but are not sure if that caused it. they are investigating their 4th robbery in less than a money. someone hit that bank there
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then. police say someone gave the teller a note and told them to fill the bag with money. since then they have hit those three banks, the only arrest was in the citi bank robbery. police in palo alto are searching for a man who exposed himself to a woman there. it happened there then. police spay the woman was texting inside her car when she saw she man with his pants downstairing at her. she drove away and called 911. >> something like that is pretty darn brazen to do wide out in the own at 8:15 at night and things like this could escalate. >> he was described as white, early 20s and 5'8," to 5'10," thin build, brown hair and clean shaven. the flu outbreak is getting worse and they say that. they say they died last night
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there. two otherwise have died in orange k 41 states report widespread flu activity and 18 children nationwide have died from flu related complications. federal regulators today ordered the makers of some sleeping pills to cut the dosage of their drugs, it effects those drugs. the fda says patients who take them could still be drowsy the next morning raising the risk of injury especially when they try to drive. the order cuts the dois in half for women and suggests a lower dose for men. pathologists say junior seau was suffering from a brain disease when he killed himself. he had that, he is one of 34 former pros and nine college players whose brains showed that after their deaths. doctors say it can cause that and is likely the result of
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repeated blows to the head while playing. crews are fixing the whole that developed there. the hole opened up when a drainage pipe failed. they had to widen the hole to get to the pipe and the school is in soccer season and the hole did not affect practices or games. we now have an update on that snowboarder reported missing and it is good news. douglas county sheriff's officials say corey hoffman turned up safe at a like tahoe casino. he was unaware he had been reported missing and a search was convicted there. he called his father to say he was fine and spent the night at the hotel casino on state line. more than 75 people were involved in that search. >> the advertised cool down has arrived. we still have clouds and a few scattered light showers, not much in the way of shower coverage right now but of course, the big story the cold air and dropping snow levels. our camera once again looking toward lake observatory at 4200 feet, checking out a weather sensor there, currently 27 degrees at still you can see a
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dusting of snow up at the summit there. once again over 4000 feet. snow levels have been coming down to 1500 to 2000 feet and that advisory in place for there until 1:00 this afternoon so that will soon expire. right now a few showers right now as you can see closing in on the coastline right near the immediate shoreline here. nothing too major but we are going to have to hold on to that chance throughout the afternoon hours. current numbers not much of a warm up yet. upper 40s to lower 50s. san francisco downtown 49. san jose 54. right around 54 in santa rosa, 49 degrees. the big deal tonight is this, very cold temperatures and already a frost advisory that kicks in for friday morning for the bayshoreline except san francisco, temperatures friday 30s and then a freeze warning for them, especially for places like morgan hill and gilroy, temperatures dropping back down to the 20s to start out friday
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morning so keep the plants warm and the animals warm early tomorrow morning with those subfreezing temperatures. a sun-cloud mix today and the big temperature drop as that area of low pressure remains in command of our weather. low snow levels but the coverage has been backing off but there that is chance of a shower and that highest chance will be right near the immediate shoreline. here is our updated forecast model showing you this, not the clear skies but activity moving into marin county. the but k the bulk of the action remains offshore but showers remain to the west of the bay area. we will take this model. expand it. we will show you as we do head into friday and also into saturday. into the weekend tracking the chance for sprinkles saturday, hugging the shoreline. this saturday morning. then into saturday even we could have clouds out there. then maybe by early sunday morning we could be tracking a few light showers. only a chance for right now and not a big deal. still some clouds moving into the region. temperatures this afternoon upper 40s to lower 50s.
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the next big deal will be the very cold temperatures friday morning. coolest locations is easy back down to 20s. this evening passing clouds and a chance of sprinkles saturday, slight chance sunday morning, next week if you are not a big fan of the cold up. snow in the bay area peaks, not enough to bring the skis and snowboards out. >> no downpours. >> for downpours but bundle up. >> thanks. >> yeah. >> the chp says it needs that much for a security system for that. they had set aside 8 million for the system. chp says it will cost a total of 31 million dollars. the toll board has yet to vote on whether to recommend it, which would be funded by toll pairs, but members agreed to meet with the chp. the oscar nominations are in and which movies are up for best picture. plus the bay bridge is set to
12:23 pm
light up like never before. we will tell you why.
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taking a look at the stock market, the dow is up 77.4 run there, the president has turned a page and has nominated jack lew to take over that department and facebook has topped 30 dollars ahead of a mystery event and the question is what that is and will those
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gains hold. has offered that designed to compete with them. if you buy them you also get an mp version for free, it is good for any offers purchased in amazon in the past 15 years and those albums are included. amazon won't say how many albums it plans to digitize eventually. the 2013 silicon valley international auto show has just rolled in there. all the big names are there, showing off their newest makes and models of cars. the auto show is on right now. it runs from 10:00 a.m.
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to 10:00 p.m. today, tomorrow and saturday and 10:00 to 6 on sunday. the bay bridge will by part of a test today. the lights there will be turned on. current they are turned on, part of a installation that will have that many, it is called a light sculpture, from now until next tuesday the artist will be testing the sequencing of those lights. the oscar race is officially on, this morning hollywood announced the nominees for the 85th academy awards. >> and finally we are pleased to announce the film selected as the best picture nominees for 2012 are, beast of the southern wild- >> and emma stone, and seth did the honors today and announced a long list. here are the contenders for best picture.
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and today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 they are the words you might not ever expected to here, budget surplus, the governor unveils his plan, find out who is going to benefit the most and the schools that could see an influx of money. that is our report, thanks for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. join us gain at 5:00. always we are here for you on and mobile ktvu. have a wonderful day. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. whatever you're in the mood for,
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